1984 Game Software Catalog


Intellivision games are known for superior graphics, captivating game play and unequaled challenge. The same qualities you find in arcade games. And this year we've got quite a line-up. From the newest in our successful series of ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS video games to the official videogame of the 1984 Winter Olympics, to a 3-dimensional game with 3-D glasses packed in...We've got the most going for us! These games are so realistic you may have to remind yourself it's only a game.

NEW Intellivision Game Cartridges
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Mystery
Go For The Gold
Hover Force 3D
Party Line

Entertainment Computer System

Mattel Electronics has earned a reputation for developing software programs that lead the industry in outstanding graphics, realistic action and sophisticated game play. And, quite frankly, the Intellivision software for the Entertainment Computer System is some of the best we've ever written. Choose from a variety of super video games, fun computer programming games, an innovative musical game and entertaining educational games. And most games are user-modifiable. So you can make them as easy or as difficult as you want.

NEW Entertainment Computer System Game Cartridges
Super NASL Soccer
Super NFL Football

Atari 2600

With games for Atari 2600, Mattel Electronics opens up a whole new world of video gameplay. Gameplay with the same realism, action and sophistication that's made Intellivision games so popular. Even though you're playing them on Atari, you can tell they're from Mattel Electronics.

NEW Atari 2600 Game Cartridge
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Tower of Mystery

IBM and Apple Personal Computers

Finally owners of IBM and Apple personal computers can have a little fun. With a new line of entertainment software, Mattel Electronics becomes one of the first video game manufacturer to make software that's compatible with the IBM Personal Computer and the Apple II, Apple II E and II Plus. So you can turn your IBM or Apple computer into an advanced video entertainment system. With fast-paced action, super quality graphics and realistic game play. Our most popular games are now available. Including BurgerTime, the sensational arcade game.

NEW Apple Game Software
Heavy Artillery
Pirates of the Nile


Now the expanding base of ColecoVision owners can play Intellivision hits! Our first introductions will be successful arcade games like BURGERTIME and BUMP 'N' JUMP, as well as MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: THE POWER OF HE-MAN and the phenomenal new ILLUSIONS (working title).

ColecoVision Game Cartridges
Bump 'N' Jump
Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man

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