1983 Intellivision/M Network Catalog


Way Ahead of the Game.

There are plenty of video game systems to choose from today. But there's really only one intelligent choice. Intellivision®.

Because with Intellivision, you get what you play for. Sophisticated graphics. Challenging action. A big selection of exciting games. And great games are only the beginning. You can transform your Intellivision game system into a computerized entertainment center, simply by adding-on a variety of accessories. Start with the Master Component and go as far as your imagination will take you. There's the Intellivoice voice module to add the dimension of human speech to games, and a new level of fun. And our new Intellivision Computer Adaptor that lets you turn Intellivision into a home computer. You can add our Computer Keyboard to learn computer programming. Or the Music Synthesizer to experience the world of music.

Enjoy the future, with Intellivision. It's the name of the game.

Intellivision II.


The action is more realistic. The graphics more exciting. The games more challenging. Intellivision continues to be the most sophisticated home video game entertainment ever created. And now there's a whole new way to play it. With the Intellivision II Master Component. It's smaller and lighter than the original Intellivision Master Component. And the hand controllers are completely detachable and feature longer cords for added convenience. Intellivision II works just like the original. With the same powerful 16-bit microprocessor, the brains behind Intellivision's superior range of sound effects and graphics. Plus our popular hand controller/overlay system with input keys, action buttons and control disk.

Whether you own the original Master Component or Intellivision II, you've still got access to the entire Intellivision library of games.* Including Intellivoice games and our new Entertainment Computer software.

NEW Intellivision Game Cartridges
Masters of the Universe
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Kool-Aid Man
All Star Major League Baseball
Buzz Bombers
Mission X
Thin Ice
Mystic Castle
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin
TRON Maze-A-Tron
Lock 'N' Chase
Shark! Shark!
Sharp Shot
Bump 'N' Jump

*Except the Electric Company Word Fun cartridge.



Last year, Mattel Electronics® introduced Intellivoice. Our unique voice synthesis module. And the first system to integrate human speech into a complete network of advanced video games. Intellivoice still has the video world talking. Because once you add the Intellivoice module to your Intellivision system, you've added the capability of much more sophisticated games. With voice as an essential part of the action. Not just a special effect. Suddenly, voices are barking commands, warning you of enemy attack, even giving you strategy tips.

The Intellivision module simply plugs into the Intellivision Master Component. Special Intellivision game cartridges plug into the Intellivoice unit to give you game play with voice. Or, plug in regular Intellivision cartridges for game play without voice.

The Intellivision voice synthesis module. You've got to hear it to believe it.

NEW Intellivoice Game Cartridges
TRON Solar Sailer
Space Shuttle

Intellivoice shown is re-styled prototype for Intellivision II. Only model 3330 (original brown version) intended for availability in 1983.

Intellivision System Changer.


Now Intellivision owners have the best of both worlds. Because now there's a way to plug Atari 2600 compatible games into your Intellivision system. Just plug in our new System Changer. The Intellivision System Changer connects directly to the Intellivision Master Component to accept Atari 2600 compatible cartridges. That means Intellivision owners can enjoy the entire library of Atari compatible games, including Activision, Imagic, M Network and others. And Atari owners can finally upgrade to Intellivision, without leaving all their Atari 2600 cartridges behind.

The System Changer has many of the same features as the Atari 2600. Like left and right difficulty switches, plus a color/black and white switch. The game cartridges load from the top, just like the Atari 2600. You can even plug in the Atari joystick, or accessory joysticks.

Put the System Changer together with Intellivision* and you've got access to the largest video game library available anywhere. Atari compatible games, plus all the sophisticated Intellivision games. Over 200 games in all. The Intellivision System Changer. It gives you more to play with.

*Intellivision Model 2609 (original brown version) requires factory modification.

Entertainment Computer System.


Now you can turn the Intellivision into an advanced entertainment computer for the whole family. Introducing the Intellivision Entertainment Computer System. A system that brings the fun of music and the magic of a computer to the home video screen. An entertaining new way to experience the world of computers. Learn to read and compose music. Or play super-advanced video games. The Intellivision Entertainment Computer System uses computer technology to do more of what it does best. Entertain. Teach. And provide you with just good, plain fun.

It makes Intellivision even more intelligent.
The Intellivision Computer Adaptor simply plugs into any Intellivision master component to unlock the power of its 16-bit microprocessor. The Adaptor features a simple BASIC program language built right in. And 2K RAM to expand the Intellivision memory. It even expands the sound capabilities of Intellivision. But the real power of the Computer Adaptor is its ability to accept a complete line of Intellivision peripherals. Like our new Computer Keyboard that turns Intellivision into a fun family computer. Or our unique new Music Synthesizer that makes learning music as easy as playing games. Even extra hand controllers so the whole family can play new Intellivision super games. The Intellivision Computer Adaptor. It's the smartest thing next to Intellivision.

Imagination at your fingertips.
Just plug the Computer Keyboard into the Intellivision Computer Adaptor and Master Component and you've got the power of a home computer system. With all the fun of Intellivision. Since the simple BASIC language is already built into the system, the Intellivision Entertainment Computer can be easily programmed through the keyboard to perform the functions of a sophisticated home computer. The Intellivision Computer Keyboard can also make learning a game for your children. With creative home educational games and a unique color-coded graphics approach to teach BASIC programming. The Intellivision Keyboard even makes playing more advanced. With a whole new generation of super games built around advanced graphics and more challenging action. And video games you can even program yourself. It's all at your fingertips, with the Intellivision Computer Keyboard.

Now learning music can be all fun and games.
Introducing the Intellivision Music Synthesizer. It's a full-size, 49-key music keyboard. With the same look, feel and touch as a real organ keyboard. Together with the Intellivision Computer Adaptor and Master Component, the keyboard becomes a six-note, polyphonic synthesizer. A unique audio/video environment that lets any member of the family learn to read music. Compose their own melodies. Even learn to play their favorite songs by playing a video game. The Intellivision Music Synthesizer. It'll have you playing music in no time flat.

Melody Blaster
Song Writer
Music Tutor
Super Games
World Series Major League Baseball
Mind Strike
Scooby-Doo's Maze Chase
BASIC Programming
Program Builder
Mr. BASIC Meets Bits 'N Bytes
Game Factory
The Jetsons Ways With Words
Number Jumble
The Flintstones Keyboard Fun

M Network Compatible Software.

Mattel Electronics is committed to our goal of becoming the world's largest manufacturer of entertainment software. M Network is proof we're well on our way. In 1982, our M Network line was comprised of games designed for use on the Atari 2600. M Network games gave Atari owners what they couldn't get in their own games. Mattel Electronics sophistication. So this year we're offering Atari 2600 owners more M Network software. And a whole new group of licensed children's games. We're also introducing M Network software that is compatible with the IBM Personal Computer and Apple computer systems. So their owners can play Mattel Electronics quality software too. M Network. The better way to play.


Plug an M Network game cartridge into an Atari 2600 and you've opened up a whole new world of video game play. The world of Mattel Electronics. With the same realism, action and sophistication that's made Intellivision games so popular. They're fully compatible and insert into the Atari 2600 unit, that same as Atari cartridges. But that's where the similarities end. M Network games deliver sharp graphics, intense action, a high level of challenge and a lot of fun. M Network games can even keep Atari owners playing longer. And this year, there's a longer list of great M Network games to choose from. A complete variety, from sports games to licensed arcade games. We've even introduced a children's line of games featuring many of their favorite cartoon characters. M Network. Even though you're playing it on Atari, you can tell it's from Mattel Electronics.

NEW cartridges for the Atari 2600
Adventures of TRON
Bump 'N' Jump
Air Raiders
Star Strike
Mission X
In Search of the Golden Skull
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Treasure of Tarmin
Licensed games for young children
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Masters of the Universe
Kool-Aid Man


Finally owners of IBM and Apple personal computers can have a little fun. With a new line of entertainment software, Mattel Electronics becomes the first video game manufacturer to make software that's compatible with the IBM Personal Computer and the Apple computer line. So you can turn your IBM or Apple system into an advanced video entertainment system. With fast-paced action, super quality graphics and realistic game play. Choose from three of our most popular games. Including BurgerTime, the sensational new arcade game. And there are more great games on the way.

M Network software for IBM and Apple
Lock 'N' Chase
Night Stalker

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