The 1982 Mattel Electronics Catalog

This is Mattel Electronics for 1982.

The home video phenomenon has emerged as the event of the 1980's. Its possibilities are far-reaching and its uses almost endless. Because of the vast implications for the future of home computer/video entertainment centers, we have created a system of modular componentry that keeps INTELLIVISION perpetually current. Everything in our product line, from the exciting cassette library to the innovation of a voice synthesis component, works for the way things are today...and the way they might become tomorrow.

Joshua W. Denham

The Master Component...

...the heart of INTELLIVISION Intelligent Television. The Master Component is elegantly styled with simulated woodgrain finish. A highly sophisticated 16-bit microprocessor produces a wide variety of sound effects, music, color and high-level resolution. The two hand controllers are cradled in the top of the lightweight case with cables out of sight when not in use. During game play, four buttons, two on either side of each hand controller, send action commands to the Master Component. Input keys allow players to handle any game situation and a special disc moves objects on the screen in 16 different directions with life-like precision. For use with color TV only. Each game cartridge comes with 2 overlays which fit over the hand controllers. With over 40 different cartridges planned to be available in 1982, Intellivision offers an almost infinite variety of action -- from sports to outer space battle.

Sports Network
NFL Football
U.S. Ski Team Skiing
Major League Baseball
Auto Racing
PBA Bowling
NBA Basketball
PGA Golf
NASL Soccer
NHL Hockey
Action Network
Armor Battle
Sea Battle
Triple Action
Sub Hunt
Frog Bog
Night Stalker
TRON Deadly Discs
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Gaming Network
Las Vegas Roulette
Horse Racing
Royal Dealer
Strategy Network
USCF Chess
ABPA Backgammon
Childrens Learning Network
The Electric Company MathFun
The Electric Company WordFun
Space Action Network
Space Battle
Space Armada
Space Hawk
Star Strike

The Keyboard Component*...

...It turns Intellivision into a Home Entertainment Computer. Combine the Keyboard Component with the Master Component (each sold separately) and you have a compact, easy-to-use home entertainment computer for performing countless functions -- financial management, self education, personal improvement and, of course, entertainment. A 60-key typewriter-style keyboard makes use as easy as typing. The Keyboard Component will handle a range of specially programmed tape cassettes and there is a microphone for programs using the spoken word. Each cassette sold separately. Also for use with the Keyboard Component is a 40-column thermal printer sold separately by mail order.

*Available for test markets only at present time.

Keyboard Cassettes
Conversational French
Jack LaLanne's Physical Conditioning
Family Budgeting
Geography Challenge
Spelling Challenge
BASIC Computer Language
Crosswords I
Crosswords II
Crosswords III

Introducing Intellivoice...

...a Breakthrough in Video Game Sophistication. The fascinating new Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Module adds the dimension of human speech to Intellivision game play. Easy to operate. Simply plug the Intellivoice unit into the cartridge receptacle on the Master Component (sold separately). Then plug a cartridge into the Intellivoice unit. It's that simple. Special Intellivoice cartridges give you the video games that actually talk to you. Male and Female voices react to changing game situations immediately, are calm or excited, give you strategy tips, cheer you up or egg you on. (Regular Intellivision cartridges may be used in the Intellivoice unit and will give you game play without voice, as if they were plugged directly into the Master Component.) These are not fuzzy simulations, but voices complete with expression, produced by the ability of Intellivoice to duplicate realistic human speech electronically.

Intellivoice Game Cartridges
Space Spartans
Bomb Squad
B-17 Bomber


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