1980/81 Intellivision Catalog

The Intellivision Intelligent Television System

Intellivision by Mattel Electronics is a revolutionary network of video hardware and software. Compatible with any color television set, we believe it will dramatically alter traditional notions of home entertainment, education and planning. The sophisticated video game and home computer applications of Intellivision provide an array of options, now and in the years to come. New programs and components will keep pace with changing interests and needs.

The Master Component: Video entertainment the whole family can enjoy
The heart of Intellivision is the Master Component. Utilizing up to 26 different game and learning cartridges, it provides a virtually endless variety of game play and involvement. Each cartridge has been thoroughly researched and developed to ensure the optimum in playing excitement. Intellivision video games offer a wide spectrum of color, sound and motion to keep your customers interested, involved and coming back for more.

The Keyboard Component: A home computer system
The Keyboard Component, when added to the Master Component (each sold separately), transforms the system into a practical and easy-to-use home computer. An assortment of pre-programmed material will be available to help the user with everything from financial management to physical conditioning and self-improvement. No knowledge of computer language is necessary.

The Master Component

Lightweight and handsomely styled with simulated woodgrain finish, the Master Component features a sophistication of game play that has set the industry standard. The two hand controllers fit snugly into the top, keeping cables out of sight when not in use. Inside, a powerful 16-bit microprocessor provides a full range of sound effects, music, color and an extraordinarily high level of resolution. Each game cartridge comes with its own pre-printed overlays for easy game play. Many programs have well known licenses such as the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball. These licenses add authenticity and appeal your customers will recognize and appreciate.

Mattel Electronics has designed a number of features into the Master Component, making it one of the most versatile video game units available.

Our exclusive overlay system makes it easy
Every game cartridge comes with two durable overlays which fit directly over the hand controller for easy and simple game play decisions. No additional controllers are needed.

Input keys call the play
Special input keys allow each player to select different game functions and maneuvers, enabling them to choose the exact kind of programming each situation requires.

Side-mounted action buttons make it come alive
Four buttons, two on either side of each hand controller, send action commands to the Master Component and make right or left handed use equally easy.

Object control disc keeps it moving
Objects on the screen can be maneuvered with accuracy in 16 different directions; which provides a realistic simulation of life-like movement.

Entertainment Networks
26 different game cartridges (6 of them new for this year!) put a world of challenging excitement at your fingertips. From home runs to space battles, Intellivision game cartridges deliver an unprecedented level of player involvement. All of the entertainment networks encourage both physical and mental dexterity while bringing a totally unique game experience. Each cartridge sold separately.

Major League Baseball
NFL Football
Auto Racing
PGA Golf
NASL Soccer
U.S. Ski Team Skiing
NHL Hockey
Boxing (NEW!)
NBA Basketball
PBA Bowling (NEW!)
Motocross (NEW!)

Adventure (NEW!)
USCF Chess (NEW!)
ABPA Backgammon

The Electric Company Math Fun
The Electric Company Word Fun

Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack
Las Vegas Roulette
Horse Racing

Arcade (NEW!)
Sea Battle
Submarine Battle (NEW!)
Armor Battle
Space Battle

[NOTE: In the revised edition of this catalog for the January 1981 Consumer Electronics Show, the title Adventure is replaced with "To Be Announced," since the name "Adventure" had just been trademarked by Atari. The game Arcade is dropped, with Astrosmash, Space Armada, Snafu and Triple Action added. Snafu and Triple Action had not yet been named, so their titles are listed as "To Be Announced." Motocross, USCF Chess and Submarine Battle are listed as "available in 1982."]

The Keyboard Component

Available in 1981

Combining the Keyboard Component with the Master Component (each sold separately) will open new worlds of convenience and efficiency for today's household. With its pre-programmed software, Intellivision is capable of handling a broad range of everyday tasks. Everything from personal improvement to financial planning can be accomplished easily and accurately at home. A new BASIC computer language cartridge is now available for those wishing to write their own programs.

The Keyboard Component takes the mystery out of using personal computers
The Keyboard Component has been designed to work in combination with the Master Component. Together, they become a light-weight, easy-to-use tool for personal enrichment. A familiar, 60-key typewriter-like keyboard makes the operation as simple as typing a letter. A tape cassette device accepts a wide range of specially prepared material. There is also a microphone for programs involving the spoken word.

Personal Computer Cassettes
All computer cassettes are programmed with both digital and audio capabilities. They provide a wide range of materials from education and self-improvement to complex planning and analysis. Each cassette sold separately. All programs are in English and none of them require any computer knowledge.

Conversational French
Conversational Spanish
Chartcraft Stock Analysis
Jack LaLanne's Physical Conditioning
Conversational English Series
Financial Series
Educational Tutoring Series
BASIC Computer Language

Crossword Puzzle

[NOTE: In the revised edition of this catalog for the January 1981 Consumer Electronics Show, the Keyboard schedule is changed to "available in limited supply in late 1981." Conversational Spanish, Conversational English Series, Financial Series and Educational Tutoring Series are dropped, with Super NFL Football added. The headline "Programs with BASIC" is changed to "Low Cost Cassettes." Under "Low Cost Cassettes," Crossword Puzzle is renamed Crosswords 1, Checkbook is renamed Family Budgeting, and Spelling Challenge and Geography Challenge 1 are added.]

We've Got Designs on the Future

In recent years, computer technology has been expanding at an ever-increasing rate. New products and systems, already on the job in businesses throughout the world, will soon be put to work in the home. At Mattel Electronics, we systematically review major industry developments and evaluate their potential for Intellivision users. In the future, all consumers will be able to choose from a multitude of different components in building a home computer system of their own. And the advances being made today promise to increase the quality of life and change the way we all think, work and play. Here are some of the systems we have under consideration:

Telephone Modem
Using an ordinary telephone, this device will enable users to transmit and receive information from other systems and centrally located data banks. As the eighties unfold, the modem will become an invaluable link to an expanding world; providing consumers with services like entertainment and travel schedules, news wire reports, electronic mail transmission and much, much more.

For situations that call for having permanent and written information, a simple printer will be ideal. It provides hard copy printout of all program material.

Voice Synthesizer
Instead of giving a visual readout of requested information, this remarkable component will enable the home computer system to actually talk to the user. A voice recognition unit, which would let the user give verbal instructions and responses to the computer, is also on the horizon.

Since its inception, Intellivision has been designed as a system to satisfy a wide range of individual needs and interests. As the future unfolds, we will continue looking at new product developments as part of our commitment to make Intellivision America's leading video system.

The peripherals listed here are mentioned only as industry background information. Mattel Electronics does not guarantee the introduction of these products for the Intellivision system.


MASTER COMPONENT (For Color TV Viewing Only)

CPU: GI 16 bit microprocessor

Memory: 7K internal ROM, RAM and I/O structures, remaining 64K address space available for external programs.

Controls: Two hand controllers; 12 button numeric key pad, four action keys, 16 direction movement disc.

Sound: Sound generator capable of producing 3 part harmony.

Color: 16 colors.

Program Material: Accepts all Mattel Electronics video ROM cartridges.

Video Resolution: 192 vertical x 160 horizontal picture elements.


Memory: 16K RAM resident (10 bit) words memory can be expanded to more than 1000 8K pages (8 megabytes)

Keyboard: 60 key typewriter-like keyboard including specialized control keys. Upper/lower case.

Tape Cassette Drive: Built-in completely computer controlled. Records/plays two digital and two audio tracks in one direction. 30 minutes of program material and data storage. Drive accepts all Mattel Electronics video cassettes.

Video Resolution: Standard: 160 horizontal, 192 vertical picture elements. High resolution alphanumerics: 24 lines of 40 characters.

Expandability: Two parallel peripheral I/O expansion ports which allow addition of external memory, peripherals, plus access to CPU bus.

Potential Peripherals: Telephone modem, voice synthesizer, printer (planned for 1982 introduction; subject to change).

Catalog size: 8.5" by 11", 16 pages saddle-stitched


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