1980 Intellivision Brochure

Intellivision Intelligent Television


Have you ever wanted to learn a foreign language? Or design your own exercise program? Ever wished you had professional stock analysis? Or computing help for your personal finances?

Soon there will be a simple way to have these things and more. A way so revolutionary, it can change your family's life.

Intellivision is the computer-based system by Mattel Electronics. Begin with the Master Component (available now) for entertainment and education, then add the Keyboard Component (available 1981) for programs of self-improvement and financial planning. A range of programs designed to put a whole new world at your family's fingerprints. And right on your own television screen!

Update your finances and unload an NFL bomb.
The Intellivision Family Financial Planner program helps you analyze, record and store your vital household financial information.

Use it as a money manager for your monthly bills, to estimate the appreciation on your home or the depreciation on your car, as a record for your income tax related information, to record your banking transactions, to create your family's budget and much more.

It's like having a personal accountant living in your home. With perfect memory.

Now, get into the incredible action of the only officially licensed NFL Football video game. Life-like players and over 180 offensive and defensive plays put our football game in a league above the rest. Blitz is on...gotta scramble...throw...Touchdown!

Take French lessons and follow your personal exercise program.
Introducing a better way for you to learn French. Intellivision. It's a private lesson that can teach you the essentials of conversational French. "Comment allez-vous?" asks your TV in perfect French. "Comment allez-vous?" you repeat into the Keyboard microphone. Now you listen, first to the French voice, then yours. You compare, improve, perfect. Next time, your French sounds more French.

Now that you've stimulated your mind, let the Jack LaLanne Physical Conditioning program help shape your body. With an exercise program custom-tailored to fit your needs. And your goals. It even gives you progress reports. In a dew short months, you'll be ready for any beach, including St. Tropez.

Kids sharpen up math skills and launch a galactic space attack!
Here's a breakthrough. Kids can now watch TV and improve their math skills at the same time. The Electric Company Math Fun program starts the action. Two gorillas race alongside a jungle river while math problems pop onto the screen. Right answers keep a gorilla on his feet. Wrong answers...into the river! Our computer automatically graduates your kids through 18 increasingly difficult levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Since Intellivision is easy and fun, they can do it alone.

After learning comes more action, when Space Battle transports their imaginations into the stars. Squadron leader maps a strategy to protect Mother Ship from the aliens. Look out! Zap! Zap!

Simple to hook-up. Simple to use.
Intellivision system attaches to any TV easily. Then, simply turn on the power, insert a cartridge or cassette and you're ready.

It's just that easy. We designed our programs to do the hard work for you. You respond in plain English. And you don't even have to know how to type. Plus, service on Intellivision is performed by the General Electric Factory Service Network. Simplicity of operation. Variety of programs. Convenience of service.

Together, they make Intellivision the one video system every member of the family can fully enjoy starting the day you bring it home.

Discover how Intellivision can change your family's life.
We invite you and your family to experience Intellivision in person. you'll see the full variety of programs we offer now and learn about the exciting new programs coming soon. The Intellivision computer-based home video system. See it demonstrated now. Find out how much it can do for your family.

Entertainment Cartridges

An ever-changing variety of play situations and player decisions are yours. No boredom here - whether you play against the computer or another player, there's always a challenge! Engage in Sports, Strategy, Action, Gaming or even Children's Learning with the Master Component alone or with the Keyboard Component in combination. Each cartridge sold separately.

Major League* Baseball
NFL* Football
Auto Racing (coming soon)
PGA* Golf (coming soon)
Tennis (coming soon)
NASL* Soccer
U.S. Ski Team* Skiing (coming soon)
NHL* Hockey
Boxing (coming soon)
NBA* Basketball
ABPA* Backgammon
The Electric Company* Math Fun
The Electric Company* Word Fun (coming soon)
Armor Battle
Sea Battle (coming soon)
Space Battle
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack
Las Vegas Roulette
Horse Racing (coming soon)

Personal Computer Cassettes

They provide a wide range of programs that educate and instruct. And, no programmer skills or computer language are needed! For use with the Master Component and Keyboard Component in combination. Each cassette sold separately. Let Intellivision grow along with your family's needs.

Financial. Personal Improvement. Self Education.

(Computer cassettes available in 1981.)

Conversational Spanish
Stock Analysis
Jack LaLanne's* Physical Conditioning
BASIC Computer Language
Jeane Dixon* Astrology
Super Football
Family Financial Planning
Conversational French

*Trademarks used under license from designated owners.


MASTER COMPONENT (For Color TV Viewing Only)

CPU: GI 16 bit microprocessor.

Memory: 7K internal ROM, RAM and I/O structures, remaining 64K address space available for external programs.

Controls: Two hand controllers; 12 button numeric key pad, four action keys, 16 direction movement disc.

Sound: Sound generator capable of producing 3 part harmony.

Color: 16 colors.

Program Material: Accepts all Mattel video ROM cartridges.

Video Resolution: 192 vertical x 160 horizontal picture elements.


CPU: Two processor system:
- 16 bit microprocessor/Master Component
- 8 bit microprocessor/Keyboard Component

Memory: 16K RAM resident (10 bit) words memory can be expanded up to 1000 8K pages (8 megabytes)

Keyboard: 60 key typewriter-like keyboard including specialized control keys. Upper/lower case.

Tape Cassette Drive: Built-in completely computer controlled. Records/plays two digital and two audio tracks in one direction. 30 minutes of program material and data storage. Drive accepts all Mattel video cassettes.

Video Resolution: Standard: 160 horizontal, 192 vertical picture elements. High resolution alphanumerics: 24 lines of 40 characters.

Expandability: Two parallel peripheral I/O expansion ports which allow addition of external memory, peripherals, plus access to CPU bus.

Intended Peripherals: Telephone modem, voice synthesizer (planned for 1981 introduction, subject to change).

Brochure size: 3.5" by 8" (folded); 17.5" by 8" (unfolded)


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